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 “We are what we do to change who we are”


DAR es DAR is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Argentina committed throughout the past 10 years to fight against poverty and child malnutrition, and to inspire the spirit of solidarity in our society.


We are dedicated to help children and people in need in Argentina through the development of different programs.


Care Center against Child Malnutrition


We work with a team of professionals dedicated to assist every week dozens of children, in order to help them recover from malnutrition and encourage them to grow with joy and with better opportunities.


School Aid


Several times per year over 50 volunteers from DAR es DAR organize a journey to Puerto Yerua in Entre Rios in order to help the School N°56.

We look after the children of the school, and we also help the people from town that have limited and difficult backgrounds, to aim a good perspective. We try to show them the way to lead a nice, joyful, responsible and solidary life.


DAR es DAR Warms the City


During the last 5 years, DAR es DAR has organized a campaign that consisted of collecting clothes and blankets for those homeless people that really suffer during the harsh winter.


Join caring children, join helping people, join our cause, join DAR es DAR!


It costs little but worth a lot!